English translation of article 71bis of the Swiss Insurance Supervision Act


Chapter 6: Special provisions regarding the supervision of insurance groups and insurance conglomerates
Section 1: Insurance groups 

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Article 71bis of the Swiss Insurance Supervision Act 


1 Articles 53-54e of this Act shall apply by analogy to a group company domiciled in Switzerland that performs important functions for the activities subject to authorisation and that is not subject, in the context of the entity’s individual supervision pursuant to the financial market acts set out in article 1 of the Financial Market Supervision Act of 22 June 2007 (financial market acts), to the bankruptcy competence of FINMA (significant group company).

2 The Federal Council shall determine the criteria for the evaluation of the measure of significance.

3 FINMA shall designate the significant group companies and shall maintain a list thereof. This list shall be publicly available.